03 March 2011

In Sepia - incandescent 7" (2010, Creekside Train)

This emo(core) quartet from Brisbane, started in 2007, meets exactly the nineties midwest archetype of the genre, with tutelary figures such as Mineral, American Football, but fails at giving something original to this norm.

But the guitars are really nice and I'm starving for such music even decades after the first outbursts, and besides other recent formations like Coate, Trampoline Dreamers, Empire Empire or Pennines, In Sepia can still transmit the emotion that it is still happening right now and I'm not sure I'm requesting something else. 

So "Incandescent" and "Let's just pretend it was convenient" are probably illusional but I enjoy to lose myself along these guitar lines though I wish for more developments and nuances still buried inside.

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