02 March 2011

Last Days Of April - gooey (2010, Bad Taste)

Since their third album "Angel Youth" (200), Last Days of April, which could be resumed now to Karl Larsson and occasional contributors, try to reproduce the same indie pop album. 

If "Ascend to the stars" (2002) and "If you lose it" (2004) were indeed perfect gems, not so far from the best melodic records of The Lemonheads or Dinosaur Jr, the next two, "Pale as milk" (2005 and released under his own name) and "Might as well live" (2007) were slightly starting to running down the recipe, failing to give the same direct satisfaction. 

But with time, I finally started to enjoy a few songs on these last records almost as much as the ones on previous records, as if it was just more of the same, the obsessional nature of Karl Larsson's songwriting is undeniably efficient.

I expected a similar result with "Gooey" but surprisingly, it's a somewhat better album than these ones and he gets back in a certain way on the victory trail of "If you lose it" (2004). Surely it's not as fresh as early records, merely exhausted if you expect new developments, but considering his goals, the essence of his songwriting it is just a true achievement and authenticity is there.  

There is nothing extraordinary here, just a good collection of nice upbeat sentimental indie guitar pop songs which can make you smile and it's already a lot : "No time for dreams", "I think you're everything", "America", "All the same" (with the vocals of Evan "The Lemonheads" Dando himself), or "Why so hasty".

I admit it feel nostalgic when I listen to "Gooey", its pleasant nonchalance, its happy-go-lucky attitude layered over gentle melancholic feelings. I admit I prefer to use it at small doses, as the overdose can come quickly but I know I will return to this album as it brings back a flood of memories and sometimes you just need that.

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