27 February 2011

A Wonderful - uncorked understandings (2004)

A few months after my review of "Light-hearted dark days EP", I go further backwards into the discography of Tim Wilson, waiting for a promised comeback and hoping he might dig up more of his past discography (there is a split, a single and an album still unknown to me and unavailable). 

Eight songs for eleven minutes, "Uncorked Understandings" is a a delicious short-length which will highly please fans of Talons', Vio/Miré, Havergal or The Love of Everything. Slow, melodic, melancholic and bittersweet, it's a collection of intimate lo-fi bedroom folk songs and even though he is not inventing something new, each one leaves you wanting for the next sunny spell in a gray rainy day. 

I'm always surprised that such talented songwriters are condemned to stay under the radar forever, maybe it's just because their music is so particular that you have to feel connected to it one way or another.

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