09 February 2011

Radiosonde - radiosonde (2010, Flau)

I first heard of Radiosonde through their collaboration with Sawako on the track "April - From Sea Shell" from her album "Bitter Sweet", which is one of her most moving compositions.

So I was really curious to discover this band on a proper release and this album on Flau, their second, was a really good surprise.

Radiosonde is a Japanese instrumental duo formed by Hayato Aoki (guitar, chroma harp) and Takashi Tsuda (guitars). Sawako contributes on three tracks but without taking too much space and her collaboration isn't directly obvious.

It is such a quiet, peaceful, gentle and narcoleptic album that you could consider it quickly as unoffensive, transparent, and useless. They never try to grab your attention and emotions too directly, not much happens but along the way, they manage to escape sentiments of bore and vacuity. It reminds me of the early records by Aerial M and of a more humble, minimal and haunted Balmorhea. 

Listening to Radiosonde is like spending an afternoon on the grass, one sunny day, looking at the passing cotton-wool white clouds.

It's delightful but not essential, like a long, long, long nap.


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