03 February 2011

Pandit - ep (2010)

I came across Pandit through a video for his song "Pack your bags" and connections with Foxes in Fiction made me want to hear more from him.

Pandit is the solo project of Lance Smith,  from Lumberton, Texas, who apparently has been active in various bands before, an experience which can be heard here on this first self-released free EP. If since his songwriting has evolved towards more musical refinement, the substance is already there.

Melodic, indie, soft, pensive and intimate would be ways to describe these four first songs.  I have no real crush for one song in particular, and he seems to write those the way he is breathing, like a pure natural thing. It is emotive but not extreme, not spectacular, just strangely efficient, pleasant and appeasing like a conversation with a friend at the end of a tense day. The time spent listening to these songs may no leave indelible traces but he clearly revives the kind of indie pop authenticity with an introvert side, other American indie songwriters have defended and are still defending with dedication, heart and talent, like East River Pipe, Fireflies, John Vanderslice or Death Cab For Cutie, just to name a few. 

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