15 February 2011

Two Bicycles - the holy forest (2010)

New ep for Two Bicycles, following the steps brightly opened by his first ep in this vein, "Valerie".

There is some more space for melodies and vocals, and the dreampop / shoegaze leanings previously noticed  are gaining in importance, leading us through 18 minutes which were as supposedly written and recorded in the space of two days.

Songs of Green Pheasant is even more than before an obvious reference, along with other artists like Auburn Lull, Chuzzlewit or even Slowdive.

The EP is dedicated to a moutainside forest which was located behind his parent's house.  A place where he used to walk and find appeasement and plenitude, but which turned recently into a housing development.

Feelings of loss, melancholy, open landscapes, beatitude, and of a certain natural evanescent atavism are feeding our aural experience.    

While his most successful chillwave project, Teen Daze, fails to concern me, I'm totally under the charm of what he explores with Two Bicycles and hoping for more.  

"The Holy Forest" is a brilliant and hauting EP, buried under reverb with graceful and intimate guitar lines and bucolic blurry shoegaze vocals. I can't say that I'm blown away but each time I listen to it I'm surprised of much I'm fond of it.

It is an impossible mission to pinpoint a favorite among the six songs , as each one is an amazing success and the whole EP is so interconnected than you can only consider it as a whole.

A small but essential and highly recommended release.

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