06 February 2011

Roomer - ep (2006)

Sometimes losing patience is beneficial. It has been a few years that I came across the myspace of Roomer, solo project of Kevin Holmes, from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Since then I have been waiting religiously for a proper release would it be a CD, a tape, a vinyl or a mp3 release (I was candidate with my netlabel Sundays in Spring) but nothing never happened, no new songs, no new posts, nothing. 

But each time I returned to his page, listening to his songs was always a wonderful intimate shock, four perfect tracks which remind me of other artists like Havergal, The Secret Stars, Talons', Julie Doiron and so on. Melancholic, ultra sensitive, subtle, slow, soft and moving. Two have vocals, 'Guerre Grass" and "Fussgangerlied" and the two others are valuable instrumentals.

Roomer belongs to this category of talented intimate whispering songwriters who never have enough energy to defend their subtle songs, and like with Wio or Kevin Huelbig Jr., his songs are just reserved for the very happy few of their circle of friends or for always complaining and obsessed listeners like me. 

Today,  enough was enough, so I ripped his myspace page with the iRecordMusic software, considered these four songs as a EP, added a picture stolen from his page too, and added the whole to my Itunes library (forever).

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