19 February 2011

Flim - orange (2010, Plinkity Plonk)

After a four years hiatus, which I feared was at first supposed to be definitive, Enrico Wuttke, from Dresden, Germany, is back in action under his Flim moniker for a EP  on the Dutch label Plinkity Plonk.

If the artwork pictures  a lemon, the title focus on another citrus fruit, orange, and in a similar shift after the highly personal and moving emotional content and impact of "Pola Music" and "Onhe Titel", the four tracks and 28 minutes of this EP were created for the dance piece ‘Refugium’, based on the novel ‘The Wall’ by Marlen Haushofer.

 There is indeed something scenographic with "Orange", something alive, strong, invigorating but achieved through the exigencies of minimalism and clarity. His approach seems to evolve in the direction of a classical ambient expression, with more place to sampled, simply played or next processed and reassembled acoustic instruments.

The first composition, "That's all", is also the highlight of "Orange", with a slowly evolving loop structure, conjugating different instrumental source in a state of symbiosis, something like a progressive sunrise in a garden, watching the opening of flowers and the incessant peregrination of birds and insects until the close of the day.

"Two hits on a can" and "Lament" are more abstract and strange, mixing instants of grace and of trouble, like being lost in the middle of a confusing dream where things, people and events are never totally what they seem to be at first.

The last track, "Reiser" is like waking up suddenly after a bad dream and feel relieved as the present existence is no more confronted with such displeasure, it is about enjoying simple events, like how the wind plays with the branches of trees, how the rain can thwart the protective use of an umbrella, really not far from the Yuichiro Fujimoto sense of aesthetics.

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