10 February 2011

Cloaks - serene (2008, Students of Decay)

Close to Brian Eno ambient works or to the explorations of William Basinski, “Serene” is the second release by Cloaks. 

It is a project of Spencer Doran, a young musician from Portland, also playing with the experimental band  RV Paintings, and also releasing music under the White Sunglasses alias or under his own name.

If most of his solo music falls under the electronica and hip hop tags, for Cloaks the style is totally different. There are two tracks on “Serene” : “Dream Tape Number One” has a 35 minutes length and “Improvisation for guitar and piano” is just above 5 minutes. 

This second track is not very interesting and as titled it's a free flowing contemplative and distractive improvisation without much intensity. Even if pleasing, it's hard to focus on it because of the strength of the first track.

As a solar opposite“Dream Tape Number One” is extremely captivating and warm composition, embarking you towards pleasant and appeasing natural sceneries, like an heavenly summer walk, spent lonely and dedicated to mediative reflections and happiness. It's very minimal and repetitive, with the use of a slow and hypnotic piano pattern, with subtle variations, while electronic processed guitar sounds float endlessly in the background sometimes turning into temporary drones. Marvelous.

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