17 February 2011

Segue - grey (2009, Tokyo Droning)

Segue is a project of Jordan Sauer, a musician from Vancouver, Canada. "Grey" has been released on Tokyo Droning, a sister label of Home Normal.

Jodan Sauer has go an already impressive discography behind him, on various netlabels dedicated to the electronica ambient scene, a few of this ones released on his own label Duck Bay.

The titles of this album fits rightly with the content, not much happens, and we feel like staring at a grey sky, one empty autumn day. Not much happens, blandness, monotony and boredom are expected and natural feelings and we can't say he is exploring new grounds or making a strong impact one way or another.

Strangely the absence of fioritura, puts us in a welcome mood of austerity and meditation, because his music is not anonymous or made of empty time consuming drones. Something happen between the shades of grey. Of course, more light, more greenness or blueness would have made the aural voyage more comfortable but you won't be losing your time here, even if understatement seems to be the motto at work.

It's drone-like minimal ambient soundscape compositions with use of parsimonious field recordings, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, violin, melodica, various percussive drums or incidental found sounds, something earthy, between organic and mineral, like dead leaves return to the ground in autumn.

The opening instrumental, "Come Over" is the standout "Eno-esque" track, like a long solitary and pensive walk on the beach side, one gray morning, where we can breathe deeply and let the amassed stress fly away. "Never", "Turn" or "Fly" are too dark or humid to really soothe, the dryness of "Futures" make it more pleasurable, like the feeling of sand on the sole of our feet, which makes us belonging to the earth.

It makes the next track, "The Holiday', even more atmospheric and dreamy, sitting on the green grass, seeing patches of blue sky between those gray rainy clouds crossing the sky, as the emotion sometimes rises with flashes of heartbeat percussion. Last track, "October" is more confuse and sweaty.

"Grey" is an interesting album, with at least two remarkable compositions, "Come Over" and "The Holiday" which make me want to discover more of Jordan Sauer's discography. 

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