05 February 2011

Matteo Uggeri and Andrea Ferraris (with Mujika Easel and Andrea Serrapiglio) - autumn is coming, we´re all in slow motion (2010, Hibernate)

Matteo Uggeri and Andrea Ferraris are two Italian musicians belonging to the experimental / noise / ambient scene and they collaborated on their first full length with Japanese musician Mujika Easel (Eisi, Mono) on piano and vocals, and Andrea Serrapiglio (cello and mastering).

Using mostly acoustic and sometimes electric instruments mixed with field recordings, they just ad light touches of electronics and mostly work on the digital structures and natural textures of the song. There are no melodies per se but just assembled fragments floating together and linked by field recordings sound which create the background and ambiance but never take the lead.

So even if field recordings are a constant on this record, it is at first instruments who are the subject of this record and you could relate these works with similar explorations by bands like Collections of Colonies of Bees, Padang Food Tigers or Eisi. While they are avoiding the presence of too obvious melodic or compositional lines, they ate not embracing completely an experimental direction. 

"Autumn is coming, we´re all in slow motion" is pleasant and indeed very autumnal, with pale but comforting sunlight and reddened leaves between branches and ground. It's the background of an ordinary October sunny day spent in the countryside, never too emotional, but wishing to meet authentic feelings, without capturing and influencing your mood too much. I wish the too rare vocal contributions of Mujika Easel would have been more prominent.

Gobally this record can be tagged as neutral, relaxing and rural. 

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