07 March 2011

Úrsula - hasta que la soledad nos separe (2010, Foehn)

A surprise. For their fifth album, the duo from Sevilla, Spain, formed by David Cordero and Juan Luis Castro, removed the vocals, the melodies and beats and moved towards something purely instrumental, between ambient and minimalism, with neoclassicism and contemporary references.

I wouldn't have identified them with this release because it's stripped of most of their own substance and simply floats now almost anonymously in this quite more populated ambient territory. But knowing it is their own compositions, I can find elements bringing me to their universe and sensitivity.

Claimed influences are from musicians like Górecki, Stars of the Lid, Gas, Eluvium or Arvo Pärt, so you can expect something like a potluck record, which even if successful will be more derivative than meaningful by itself.

Listening to "hasta que la soledad nos separe" is like crossing a territory cleared a long time ago, discovering landscapes which are merely diluted echoes or blunted versions of another more ancient reality. I'm not disappointed, I just could not have been convinced by the present setup of this record.

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