10 March 2011

Sane Masayuki - myrtle (2010, Bunkaikei)

Not much info available on Sane Masayuki and if there are some it's in Japanese.

"Myrtle" seems to be his debut ep and the third release on the netlabel Bunkaikei. We are very close to the kind of records usually promoted by labels such as Schole (Japan) or Kitchen (Singapore), an close to a more traditional version of what Daisuke Miyatani or Sawako are exploring. If we trust the quality of this ep he is promised to an at least similar achievements. 

It starts with summer field recordings, maybe taken in a meadow, with insects and birds, during the first part of "Mashiko", completed by superposed layers of piano and a few drone sounds in the background. You can feel the glowing sun reflections on water, the palpitation of life. It is nicely invigorating, sensitive, hopeful and optimistic.
"Chaos of silence" is the logical evolution for more dynamic, ethereal and euphoriant effects. It's lavish like flowerbeds in full blossoming. The last track, "afterlight", is more like a dream during a nap in the middle of the afternoon, the sunniest day of summer.

Maybe "Myrtle" is not the most original record of the genre, but it is delicate, delicious and entertaining.

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