07 May 2011

Autumnleaf - still have nothing to be sure (Wood/Water, 2009)

After having enjoyed their second album, turning back tho their debut album was tempting and the trip isn't disappointing. 

Coming from Fukuoka, Japan, this four people band is directly influenced by the American indie scene, owing an obvious debt to bands like American Football, Very Secretary or also Ida, and sharing for a part the aesthetics of another Japanese band, The Guitar Plus Me.

This debut is more dynamic than their second album "The Foot" and it can be quite pleasant to listen to it.

Sadly, they failed at writing a song who could get the status of their marvelous track "Human equality", they recorded subsequently for "The Foot", which gave them authenticity. But they are often close, like with "24 hours drive", "Good night friends" and you can feel how much their discography is a work in progress.

All I can hope is that their third album will be once again a step forward, with more quietness, nuance and subtle songwriting.


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