30 May 2011

Emphemetry – a lullaby hum for tired streets (2011, Time Travel Opps)

Inventing a new word is the best way to lead curious people towards you as every search engine will offer the shortest way to music and all information. Emphemetry is the project of Richard Birkin, also behind the label Time Tracel Opps.

His debut album "A lullaby hum for tired streets" has been a long distended breath probably quite uneasy to finish and we float between directions. The vocals have an obvious acoustic emo quality mixed with some UK indie influences and offer a very down to heart kind of melancholy but without falling in self contemplation. The music instead often explores very refined landscapes between ambient and contemplative melodic and sensitive post-rock.

Much more work as been done on the compositions and on the production to make it look appealing and special but the combination of both aspects, the warm desperate, but very direct and without filter, vocals and the icy reverberated & clear sky musical atmosphere which is building a nice tension at times fail to bring something totally new or particular. The level of quality is quite good but none of these songs will totally break the ground and impress, only creating temporary illusions 


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