04 May 2011

Brian - a million miles 7inch (White Sands Records, 1989)

Brian was the project of Ken Sweeney, born in Dublin and living in London. "A million miles" was his first (self-released) 7inch which was followed by a few others and mostly two albums on Setanta.

We are not too far from the Sarah Record aesthetics of bands like Field Mice or Brighter, except it is more self-restrained and probably even more intimate, while as melancholic and moving as these two bands.

More than two decades after its release, "A million Miles" has kept its charms, totally soft, delicate and sensitive, with guitars which recall the early Felt discography, and heartfelt reflexive vocals. 

I can only consider this song as a classic and it still echoes to my everyday life with its depth and sincerity, and it feels so comfortable. 

The real good surprise of this 7inch is the b-side, "The Last Bus Home", a song which hasn't been included on his first album "Understand" to the contrary of the a-side. It is more lo-fi but the quality is intact and the mood and atmosphere even warmer.



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