14 May 2011

False Awakening / Maybe Starry Skies - echo (BFW, 2010)

Split album with two artists exploring close areas of ambient post-rock. Both are two solo projects, with False Awakening from Canada and Maybe Starry Skies from France.

The three False Awakening tracks are relatively generic and follow the usual lines. While not too obviously different at first, the Maybe Starry Skies composition are more introvert and with a strange feeling of melancholic nostalgia.

If he seems to have taken his project name from an album title of Chuzzlewit, his artistic expression could be compared instead to early works by The Album Leaf.

"Iota", "Quasi" and "Versus" are similarly interesting and pleasant, even if not exploring strictly new grounds. It is worthy enough to be downloaded and attentively listened.


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