23 October 2011

Lexithimie - stroll into the shade for a moment (2010, Sentient Recognition Archive)

Lexithimie is the solo project of Alexis Béchu, with releases on Hibernate, Audio Gourmet or Resting Bell. He produces ambient drone music, processing piano, cello, chord organ, digital-recorder, and sine waves sounds.

This release has been conceived around the idea of a "shaded place surrounded by light", with the title borrowed from the book “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad.

Even if we are in well known territory, with no strong emotions, this record still surprises with the feeling of comfort diffused. I particularly like the use of field recordings during the intro of the first track, with sounds from a foot walk along a school next to a park, creating a nice takeoff effect for the warm and sunny evolution of "In Despite of Horizon", as comforting as a warm blanket during cold winter times, when outside the sun sparkles on snowy landscapes.  

Next in line, "A Silent Chamber Below" is so relaxing and makes you feel so well, stretching like a cat, that the induced effect is almost narcoleptic. 

"Waiting Somewhere" is the sound of sleep, fluffy like the atmosphere of a bedroom where someone is in deep sleep. 

The last track "Another Minute for a Never Ending" indeed sounds like suspended time about, how while sleeping we can feel like floating just like if The Stars of The Lid typical music was downgraded to the size of the place dedicated to lay under a blanket.

A nice and comfortable record.

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