09 October 2011

Fennesz - seven stars (2011, Touch)

Four tracks, eighteen minutes, a new EP by Fennesz, nice, pleasant, but not considerable,  it is suble but in the comet tail of his previous works, without unsettling sparkles or breathtaking instants.

More of the same but as the same means a global high quality, there is no reason to dismiss and there is also no reason to show excessive praise. The opening track, "Liminal" makes the trip worthwhile, slightly melancholic and even romantic but nicely decayed which infuses a welcome feeling of fragility.

For the anecdote, Steven Hess (from Labradford) is adding beats on the title track, "Seven Stars" without making it memorable. "July" is harsher and leaves me hesitant. So besides the strength "Liminal", it's the third track, "Shift" which also achieves a relatively pleasant and appeasing impact.


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