22 October 2011

Thomas Mery - les couleurs, les ombres (2011, Own Records)

It is a long fight. It's a long trail and the end is nowhere near.

Second solo album for Thomas Méry, but as with his previous EP, "Des Larmes Mélangées De Poussière", singing and playing guitar, he is backed up again by Stéphane Bouvier (bass and clarinet) and Jérôme Lorichon (drums trumpet, waves and piano parts), which were his bandmates on the two Purr albums.

Five new long songs between five and eight minutes, with the addition of the twelve minutes of "Aux Fenêtres Immenses" already present on the EP. My main obstacle at first with this album was the use of French lyrics, with a disturbing effect on me as the emotional flow is automatically different. With a different perspective it can be seen as an asset too as it makes the album more particular and unique.

The folk elements of his first album are replaced by a new format mixing elements of songwriting devoid of formal structures with soft post-rock and non intrusive jazz elements. The global atmosphere is both autumnal and melancholic, but always keeping a personal distance, and if there are confessions, it is only their poetic sublimated version, as there is tension but without rupture.

It took him five years to write this album and it's probably the reason one there is no strong urgency, but mostly the result of a very uncluttered approach which made him able to avoid both the effects of dilution and sophistication and to create a collection of song which is very long in the mouth.

I've been listening to this album more than twenty times now and it's still mysterious, I find it difficult to pinpoint or focus on one song in particular because it is intrinsically an entity.

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