08 October 2011

Mark McGuire - get lost (2011, Mego)

For someone born at the eve of 1987, Mark McGuire has got already a plethoric discography behind him, solo, as member of Emeralds or through other ephemeral alternate projects. 

"Get Lost" is his third album on Mego. I tried to listen to some of his records previously but never was convinced to explore these completely.

Things changed with the nice collaboration album her recorded with Trouble Books and their interaction made we want to know better his style and approach.

In my mind, Mark McGuire was reduced to ideas of improvisation and dilution around ambient / psychedelic / post-rock directions. On "Get lost", the language seems more personal and refined with emotional, melancholic and blurry shoegaze accents. 

It starts with a playful introduction, the title track, followed by the atmospheric shoegaze melancholy of "When you're somewhere" and culminating with the vaporous and sensitive "Alma" which is thz highlight of the album and the closest to the structure of a song, featuring even vocals.

Then we follow the psychedelic instrumental "Another dead end", "Alma (Reprise) / Chances Are" is just a new remixed and extended version of the previous song which only gives a feeling of unnecessary dilution.

The last track, "Firefly Constellations", with its 20 minutes represent half of the album and looks more like a collection of passages and variations, explorations of textures and melodic waves which fail to really inspire. 

"Get Lost" is an interesting album but finally it fails to really impress as it is just floating around without strategy, except filling the space.

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