10 November 2010

M. Ostermeier – chance reconstruction (2010, Tench)

After short releases on Parvo Art and Hibernate, M. Ostermeier is back at home for his first full length, first release on his new sublabel of Words on Music, Tench.

"Chance Reconstruction" seems more minimal and appeased, less adventurous and too much balanced. In fact different from what I expected. To be honest it was the first release I've listened of M. Ostermeier and i felt unable to open a door so I entered the other way and started reviewing his previous discography.

Now I'm back and I get in more easily and harmoniously. But still, I feel somewhat lost as this first release lacks of these poetic bursts which were giving the charm and intensity of his previous release. 

If I had the impression of progressing into a long corridor, now I'm stuck inside a room, sitting on a sofa, looking at distant dark November clouds through an almost opaque window. I wish I was much more shaken by this release and at best I feel somewhere between a more comfortable and less pervasive version of Labradford and Pan•American.

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