21 November 2010

Sunday Parlours / Anois - split ep (2007, Poni Republic)

Free split ep between two duo/couples from Germany, which I both enjoyed through previous releases, this record is even better than expected.

And only bands with a similar structure can be conceived as references and these four songs are made in their own essence to please fans of Komeit, The Secret Stars, Ida, A Weather or even Empress / New North Wales.

Anois seems more modern refined, restrained and subtle with their use of electronic sounds than Sunday Parlours which follow more traditionally warm and poignant structures, but besides that, their songwriting is relatively similar in term of romantic and melancholic mood. 
Four sad melancholic folk pop lullabies with male/female vocals, and at least two essential ones, "Homecall" by Anois and "The words you spoke" by Sunday Parlours. 

Highly recommended.

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