02 November 2010

The Morning Paper - it's getting clearer (2008, Skipping Stones)

I was 17 when I first heard Field Mice's 7 inch “September's not so far away”. 17 years later, the beauty of The Morning Paper's first album left me speechless, in a close state of emotional effusion. 

It's twee and shoegaze, it's dense, fresh and emotional, like a melancholic and shy version of Slowdive, full of fervor and innocence, with mind-blowing direct melodies. The Morning Paper is with Tiny Microphone, The Sunny Street, Moscow Olympics or Celestial, member of this new underground marvelous underestimated twee shoegaze scene. All of them finds their main influences in the UK indie scene of the early nineties / late eighties.

Eight songs for thirty-two minutes, with a focus on synth layers and ethereal “4AD meets Sarah records meets Factory (New Oder / Durutti Column)” atmospheres, dreampop guitars, natural field recordings and adolescent moving vocals, “It”s getting clearer” is the debut album for this Swedish project of David Kyhlberg and his two acolytes (Ida Bergstrom and Karl Daniel Tornkvist – both of the also playing in another band, The Bridal Shop). David sings most of the time and Ida's voice is used to add layers of ethereal female vocals.

Each song immersed in an ocean of crystalline reverb, listening to this album always puts me in a state of euphoric melancholy, in the middle of a bright and large landscape, late spring when everything is flowering, saturates me with beauty and gentle memories. It's heavenly, it's melodic, it's fragile and generous. 

Based in Stockholm, they have found a label on the other side of the planet, Skipping Stones, from Oakville, Connecticut, USA, where two other bands from Sweden have already released records, Celestial and The Charade.

There are three instrumentals, “Count me out”, “Thin Rain” and “Young” and five songs. Maybe I could admit that the songs are sometimes similar but all of them are simply irresistible and intense, maybe I could regret the smooth effect of the production, when an older song by The Morning Paper, “Send your cards” developed a more subtle melancholic dimension with noisier guitar, but it's simply impossible not to embrace these addictive melodies - sometimes with propulsive beats - , which are absolutely as essential as the best Brighter songs. 

Maybe it's sometimes difficult to listen to the whole album without pause, because it's too intense, too saturated with oxygen that it could lead you to a loss of consciousness, but each one of these five songs is always a wonderful addition to a shuffle playlist on a mp3 player on the way to work.

“It's getting cleared” is one of the best record I've ever heard in the twee / shoegaze category.

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