22 November 2010

Antonymes - 31: before the light fails pt.1 (2010)

Basic, minimal, schematic, pure, simple and efficient.  "31: Before The Light Fails Pt.1" is like having one very good idea and intuition and translate it quickly with spontaneity.

This is one of these instants you'll would like to last for hours, days, and maybe weeks, a feeling of contemplative plenitude which will make you feel great, appeased and quiet.

7:38 and splendidly completed by a beautiful video, a warm slowly vibrating drone under passing clouds, a melancholic repeated piano motif, with branches from a dead tree to moor alongside, a perfect nap but with such an utterly captivating hypnotic beauty that you won't be falling a sleep, but will admire every second and feel the light pierce your soul et let you rise and float towards the sky.

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