09 November 2010

Minimilk – sa trace silencieuse – (2008, Phonic Kidnapping)

Minimil is Remi Parson (A Place for Parks, Electrophonvintage, Badr, The Sunny Street) adding french vocals to an acoustic guitar with bossa nova accent played by Sébastien Linares. 

It sounds a lot like Katerine, circa “L'éducation anglaise”, precious french pop, but it lacks the part of madness of the original. It's lo-fi, it's s pretentious as it is offbeat, it's not enough broken or special to make a lasting impression. If you have a soft spot for gentle french pop, you may like these four songs but it's not really special or truly personal so it can't haunt or trouble you. 

"Sa trace silencieuse" is in fact a nice and boring “exercice de style” and not much more.

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