03 December 2010

Matt Rösner - repeat (Miatera, 2010)

No trace of melody on these six tracks and 43 minutes of music by this Australian electronic music composer. Listening to "Repeat" you wonder why, so far, Matt Rösner hasn't found home on the Touch label as he shares an even more ascetic idea of minimalist than a paragon like Oren Ambarchi.

I'm not sure about how to consider this album as none of these tracks can be easily grabbed mentally and are more like, decompression stages, on a trip back or forth, from a stressful environment towards a bare, minimal, almost mineral, icy one, with views towards an hypothetic changing ocean melting with sky, where the artwork invites us.

So "Repeat" makes you recede inside yourself, focusing on  basic needs like warmth, breath, air, ground or water but without using harsh sounds or uncomfortable abstract ones, you're like sitting on a chair of an empty waiting room, without a real appointment but more as a way to let your body and mind return to calm. Maybe you're just in a coma, sitting on an hospital bed and at the end of the session you'll wake up again in the disturbed environment of everyday life.

I can't say I deeply enjoy this record as I'm clueless about emotional or reference points but at the same time, i feel totally absorbed, contaminated, permeated by these three dimensional drone setups.

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