06 December 2010

Two Bicycles - valerie (2010)

Better know for his chillwave project Teen Daze, this young Canadian musician from Abbotsford, British Columbia, also owns a darker quiet melancholic side explored with his alternate project Two Bicycles.

Listening to "Valerie", it's hard to guess it is the same songwriter as stylistically we are sitting in the ambient folk field, certainly closer to artists like Songs of Green Pheasant, Grouper or to some Glenn Donaldson projects (Birdtree, Ivytree, Olivetree).

It's slow, it's quiet, pensive, ethereal, intimate, softly melancholic and quite addictive, built around nice guitar atmospheres.

"Valerie" is a short and spontaneous instrumental ep divided into four instrumental tracks for a total length just below the nine minutes mark.  It is direct and efficient in a way not so dissimilar with some Robin Guthrie or Durutti Column works with this capacity to be at the same time delicately warm while moving as inspired but the autumnal season.

There are apparently several other releases under the Two Bicycles moniker and this one is a perfect appetizer.

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