14 December 2010

Arroes - self-titled EP (2010)

Arroes is the solo project of Will Roud, a young songwriter from Canterbury, South Island of New Zealand. He is also a member of Coate whose first EP will be released early 2011.

He offers here four songs on acoustic guitar, with sometimes drums or field recordings.  While it may sound rough, wearing the heart on sleeve and obviously emotional, he manages to reach something disarmingly honest and fragile.

Of course, it may recall works by Owen or Mineral's "EndSerenading" era, and more largely other intimate folk artists like Julie Doiron or Single Twin. These recordings are very spontaneous and probably more nuance would have transcended these in something directly arresting. But one thing is sure, none of these songs is disappointing, his guitar playing is subtle and moving, his voice is delicate, pretty and engaging.

It is the EP of a tightrope walker, as it may sounds rapidly self-important or superficial like many emo related records but it doesn't.  Let's call this the powerful innocence of a talented young beginner.

It is also a starting point with many potential directions, through which he may develop or not his own perspective and be able or not to invent something his own.  It seems that with his band project Coate, such explorations have already begun.

Download, listen and succumb.

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