13 December 2010

Football, etc. - away game / XXL 7" (2010, Count Your Lucky Stars, strictly no capital letters & Keep It Together)

Honestly, I was kind of skeptical about Football, etc. and their revival of the Midwest 90's emo scene, even with a female vocalists, more than obvious references to Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate or Rainer Maria can be limitative.

If you limit yourself to the b-side, this is exactly what you'll have, an unimportant song looking backwards an unable to keep the lights bright enough in order to make an illusion. "XXL" is indeed at best anecdotal unable to compete with what another American band like Bellafea offers. So it's better to forget this song.

Fortunately, there is "Away Game",  where their DNA is strangely mixed. Genes from American Football, Rainer Maria, Very Secretary or Mineral are mixed together but instead of a chimera we end up with a highly successful, unpretentious and unexpectedly refreshing melodic indie pop song.  If the trio can repeat and standardize such a process along their next debut full-length, fame is waiting for them.

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  1. XXL is an awesome song. you seem to have quite limited references.