07 December 2010

Hills Are Mountains - ep (2007, Stroboscopic / Reverb Worship)

A limited release, maybe no more than 50 copies, a short and temporary existence with continental constraints (two young musicians who met while studying Sonic Art at Middlesex University), based for a time in London, Hills went and now is gone with this single self-titled EP as a trace.

Organic contemplative rural compositions with a heavy use of field recordings, natural soundscapes and a final result who could have fitted perfectly among the Jewelled Antler collective, and as a fan of The Blithe Sons, Scott Tuma, The Dust Dive or Padang Food Tigers, I feel totally welcome here. 

All seem dedicated to the joy of celebration and evocation of atmospheres, through the use of various instruments like accordion, concertina, melodica, zithers, besides the more usual guitars, synths or drums.

First track, "Sky Formations" is very impressive, nostalgic, warm and delicately, very reminiscent of certain instrumental parts of The Dust Dive records. The short nocturnal "M Pt" reminds me of these early autumn evenings when the sun starts to disappear earlier and the night temperatures become lower.

Choral singers with bird voices on a surprisingly relaxing and languid "And the Birds Sang With Us" before a colder and frightening "There Is Nothing In the World", until "You Are the Sun, I Am a Lake" closes the ep, almost awkward, on a more positive note.

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