11 December 2010

Plastic Flowers - beko_63 (2010, Beko Dsl)

Synth-pop melancholic songs under heavy Factory / Sarah Records UK indie pop influence (Felt, The Smiths, The Cure, Field Mice, The Sundays, New Order), Plastic Flowers is the solo project of Sean Earl Beard (vocals, guitars, and programming), coming from Tallahassee, Florida.

First of all, it reminds me a lot of The Morning Paper, less shoegaze and more new wave, less dreamy and more rhythmic, but as much nicely addictive and sentimentally moving. The two share a very similar artistic approach and an affection for cold melancholic sentimental synth melodies.

In a certain way he also belongs to a certain American tradition and the balance between his vocals, his use of reverb and the kind of sounds he develops on his synths will also bring to mind early records by the Magnetic Fields, Vitesse or even East River Pipe but in a less obvious manner.

What saves Plastic Flowers from being outdated is the particular attention he gives to melody and to his vocals, as the whole songs are developed from this with overtly melancholic and playful synths sounds.

These two songs offered as a free download single on Beko Dsl are convincing even if not exploring new grounds or leaving a lasting mark on your mind but they let you want more Plastic Flowers songs.

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