08 December 2010

The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles - the hummingbird dream (2010, hellosQuare)

Almost 31 minutes. 2 tracks. "Part 1" is a long slowly evolving drone of 24 minutes, while "Part 2" and a dreampop postshoegazing contemplative song with reverberated low vocals, close to 7 minutes.

The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles is an Australian three-piece, with Greg Taw (vocals/guitars), Karen de San Miguel (vocals/drums) and Matt Aitken (organ), balancing between Perth and Melbourne and this is their second release after a debut album called "Love via paper planes'.

This is nothing you haven't already heard before, between Windy and Carl, Roy Montgomery and early Stars of the Lid records, or through more recent records by Belong or Grouper.

"Part 1" has been conceived and realized mostly by Greg Taw alone, while on "Part 2" he has been helped by Jessyca Hutchins, Rupert Thomas and Rebecca Orchard, and the whole EP reflects a difficult period he has been through with persistent sleeping problems.

You get the idea on a sleepless night on "Part 1", feelings of loneliness and despair, in a silenced environment, with artificial lights and nocturnal sounds, and it ends with birds waking up and chirping as the dawn opens the new day.  It is more a report than a trial at something cathartic, with a sense  both overwhelming and diluting,  and you're left sighing about insomnia when everything you would be hoping for would be yawning.

"Part 2" would be the sublimation of a so long expected recovering night, translating it into a dream, walking in a state of quasi weightlessness through luxuriant vegetation, while glowing sunlight streams sunlight on our bodies like purifying rainfall.  While the first track is relatively average for their style of music, here on this second track, Greg Taw captured something highly precious. 

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