28 December 2010

Concern - truth & distance (2009, digitalis)

Concern is solo project of Gordon Ashworth - brother of Owen Ashworth aka Casiotone For The Painfully Alone -, exploring a world of instrumental ambient drones anchored to a vivid and emotional reality.

This debut EP features three long tracks constructed out or acoustic instruments for a total length of thirty minutes, exploring directions not so far from certain works of Cloaks, Alexander Turnquist or Taiga Remains. 
With its 17 minutes, "Truth And Distance" opens through dark passing clouds blurring densely a vast landscape which will be patiently opened and progressively revealed. It is fulfilling and uplifting, yet leaving you with a clearer mind, just like if you were walking in it, feeling the cold rain on your face and touching the surface of rocks and tree trunks with your fingers, until you reach an oniric state of mind dissolving yourself through the process.

Shortest track with just four minutes, "Young Birth" seems to be a trial at realizing a blooming, burgeoning drone, like a celebration of spring. Volutes of piano float through "Heartsink", emerging at first through a solar drone, they are bright and palpitate with the wind, slowly diluting themselves and becoming more lyrical and sparse as the sunlight regress, as the consciousness turns into sleep. 

Nice debut EP.

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