29 December 2010

Scott Wells - day songs (2010, Root Strata)

Four untitled tracks of five minutes, soft electric guitar droning odes sprawling on the ground like crystals of frost.

"Day Song" should be reserved to headphones only attentive listening, as every tiny detail in the background takes part into the fragile harmony and alchemy. You almost hear the fingers, picks or other objects rubbing the strings, and resonating, reverberating inside the contemplation room.

Issued only with 100 copies, this is the debut EP of a certain Scott Wells who sent it spontaneously too Root Strata.

It is utterly splendid and breathtaking, only if given the necessary care as a listener or it might drop in the anonymous unknown. 

It is about a bottomless feeling of loneliness, about sitting on a cold stony ground, about experiencing raindrops falling in your neck, about saying nothing and look distantly, about finding uneasily to breathe deeply.

Thank you. 

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