09 December 2010

Anois – tree house whispers (2009, Aerotone)

The northern Germany duo kept the netlabel diffusion for their first full-length, even if the quality of songwriting and production would have deserved a proper CD release.

Comparisons with Komeit, Ida or A Weather are obvious, with their mix of folk pop with electronic sounds, for a collection of melancholic melodies.

It is for Lars Kranholdt and Anne Baier their most successful achievement so far, much more impressive than what Lars released through other projects like Leander or This Mess Is Mine, and the expected next step after their two EPs.

A lot of work seems to have been dedicated to the production and arrangements of their songs and it gives to "Tree House Whispers" a lot musical variation and diversity but without falling outside the genre limits.

Their goal seems to have been to create an album easy to like and enjoy, without too much monotony or emotional pathos, and it is successful for these reasons with as counterweight a lack of tension or depth at times. With Anois they are not exploring new grounds or dealing with something particularly cathartic. A good, but minor, album as resume.

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