05 December 2010

A Broken Consort - crow autumn (2010, Tompkins Square)

New works for Richard Skelton under the A Broken Consort, compiling previously released "Crow Autumn (part 1)" (2007) and "Crow Autumn Part 2" (2009) along three new compositions for a now regular and coherent 7 tracks and 45 minutes long album.

This is the kind of classical, contemplative and cold but emotional atmospheres you would imagine easily as part of the ECM New Series catalog, as Richard Skelton seems follow other aims than musicians belonging to the usual contemporary electronic / ambient / drone / experimental scene. 

It is a successful work with an interpretation entirely dedicated to a faithful rendition of his own compositions and I'm left hoping for more climatic space left to the organic performance. Each of these tracks is perfectly efficient and no place is left for counter interpretations, hesitation or doubts. 

Luckily, the level of sensitivity is fulfilling but instants of pure grace, melancholic euphoria and soul weightlessness don't receive their expected place. Maybe the travel is not finished and "Crow Autumn" is just a step towards such direction. You are moved between two different places and the travel is invigorating but I keep looking for the destination, for an uplifting crescendo or instant of awe  or abysses where i would be gratefully lost.

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