18 December 2010

Solo Andata - iatunes #003 (2006, Hefty)

Slowly imposing themselves on the foreground of the ambient electronic scene, through three albums so far, this Australian duo of  Kane Ikin (from Melbourne) and Paul Fiocco (from Sydney) began in 2006 with this debut EP on Chicago label Hefty records. 

Though the tempo, the texture, the sense of silence and production are clearly belonging to the electronica field defended by a label like 12K, some links can be drawn to a certain introspective jazz music defended by a label like ECM New Series, to the works of Donato Wharton, or to other Australian artists like Oren Ambarchi (though never as harsh or tough) or Dirty Three (without the accent on emotional interpretation), sharing with them a sense of warmth and space. 

Four tracks for almost twenty minutes, this EP gives directly a strong impression of quality which won't be denied through subsequent listening.

The opening "A Ballet of Hands" perfectly translates the quiet atmosphere of hot summer days you would imagine from inland Australia, with the dryness, the whispering of insects, the overcoming heat and a deep sense of mineral sadness and nostalgia. 

A darker and nocturnal "Wind Through The Wires" follows more abstract and introspective steps as you drive at night through suburbs under a constant rain. Pensive and taking a rest lying in a hammock under trees brushed by a light breeze, "Middle That Time" is appeasing.

"Sukieneice" is organic, luxuriant green vegetation of late spring with warmth and a high level of humidity, the occasional flute brings volutes and voluptuousness.

A wonderful and recommended debut EP for Solo Andata.

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