04 December 2010

A Wonderful - light hearted dark days EP (2007)

A Wonderful is the recently not so active, and I hope in the future not totally unactive solo project of Tim Wilson, an indie songwriter from Rochester New York.

"Light hearted dark days", now offered as a free download, is a 4 songs EP recorded during one night in his parent's basement and released in 2007 as 30 mini disc copies. As the legend says, a lot of coffee and whiskey involved, but as the result truly admits, a lot of talent, sensitivity and nuances were too included.

Let's say, we float somewhere between the minimalism of The Love of Everything and the heart-full melancholic emotional intimacy of early stuff by Julie Doiron, never too far also from other recent songwriters likes Talons' or Vio/Miré. So yes, as seen from here, one ocean away, it can only be a wonderful and precious EP.

Four songs about feeling lost while keeping an umbilical link with a sublimated true self. While none of these songs would be ready for the pop military service of mainstream indie scene, each one will find the way to your nostalgic heart, arising emotions of lost summer evenings spent at home, in the backyard, with friends, not knowing it would be so fugacious, feelings of half-broken hearts still full of hope and dreams.

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