22 December 2010

Danny Paul Grody - fountain (2010, Root Strata)

First solo album for Danny Paul Grody, a musician from San Francisco who was a founding member of both Tarentel and The Drift, two feet in the post-rock reservoir of the Temporary Residence label.

"Fountain" is an instrumental album, released on the underground experimental label Root Strata as en edition of 500. Fortunately we stay away from the post-rock artifacts for a more personal and subtle exploration, and such direction is not different from what someone like David Pajo did with his project Aerial M when he left Tortoise.

Acoustic and electric guitars are the backbone of  "Fountain", played along melodica,  keyboards or organ following folk Appalachian lines (à la John Fahey & Robbie Basho). The compositions are always clear and arm, bathed in Californian light and genuine, even if never really innovative or adventurous. It's something like a more conventional or traditional version of the works of other artists like Scott Tuma or Padang Food Tigers. More than developing a personal or cathartic expression, Danny Paul Grody is serving his idea of music.

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