10 December 2010

Fireflies - club 7 002 (2010, Bubbletone)

Lisle Mitnik is back with two delicious songs on a new netlabel, Bubbletone Discos, dedicated to the release of free digital singles.

Two recent recordings of Fireflies songs written a few years ago. This is sweetly melancholic and delicately twee, at first sight they seem harmless and mild, but if you give more attention a feeling of sentimental nostalgia slowly invades you. 

Twenty years ago, it could have been a seven inch on Sarah Records. The second track, "Pale Flashing Light" has got this subtle charm with the melody, the guitar and the delicious warm layers of synth, which will make your heart almost stutter over cuteness with fragile adolescent emotions. Drowned in reverb, "New November Leaves" reminds me of a sleepier Harper Lee / Brighter with translucent vocals. 

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