21 September 2011

Coate - spring ep (2011)

Coate is back, with this spring EP, announcing the coming back of this season in New Zealand, while it's now autumn here, on the northern hemisphere. Spring resumes perfectly the burst of energy and urgency contained into these two songs relatively more uptempo and closer to the twinkle emo melodic scene than their first album.

My first opinion was not so good as the first track, "Climbing Playgrounds with Paul Brown" could be considered of an emulation of Algernon Cadwallader with both their good and bad aspects. It is relatively unoriginal, but totally efficient and musically impressive. While I'm not so much fond of the melody, a few passages and elements and mostly the guitars are quite nice and shows the value of the band.

As soon as starts, "TNG Marathon", the opening track becomes anecdotal. The real impact is the b-side, and while you can decode their genes, the full genome of this song is only theirs. It is intense, full of rage but tense and totally sensitive, all that comes to my mind is an improbable mix between the stylish indie rock of Superchunk circa "Throwing Things" and the tension and emotional density of Mineral on their debut album, but all you feel while listening is that they are totally themselves, belonging to their times, and after a few spins you will feel in total communion with this song, only tempted to put the volume higher and higher. And you already know you'll be able to listen to this song in 2021 with both nostalgia and intact joy. 

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