11 September 2011

Darling - keep out 7inch (2011, Cardboard Sangria)

Their debut EP from a 2007, was truly a gem and still is, "Ground is sound". But since then, I've never been really charmed by their second EP or by their first album, as they were moving backwards, much more in the middle of the indie rock genre, giving more importance on melodies and less on a lo-fi melancholic approach.

I could have closed the story, with an hopeless verdict and stop to follow them, but an email appeared in my mailbox with the promise of "a return to their acoustic ambient upbringing".

So yes, something may look different on "White is night"/ "Mako Sica", but it's not really a coming back to the past. It's just that their music is no more as optimistic as on their debut album, and yes a part of their earlier melancholy is probably back and there is more depth. 

The closest reference I could think about would be the early records by Luna, with this prevalence of songwriting and music playing over impulses, intuitions and inspiration, without erasing their presence. 

There are interesting parts in both songs but nothing you haven't experienced before on other records so I can't get rid of a feeling of redundancy while listening to these two pleasant songs. My preference goes to the intro of "Mako Sica" which reminds me of Human Television and to the last parts of both songs which are echoing for me me of some of the best instrumental parts of Luna.

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  1. Thanks for the post Didier!
    -Jeff Schneider