25 September 2011

Talons' - kamakura ep (2011, Functional Objects)

An instrumental EP of songs inspired by a Japanese seaside town. 4 songs based around 2 acoustic guitar lines. Recorded at home in Chicago, March-May 2011.

I'm just surprised Mike Tolan didn't release this EP under his Moustache Mountain alias but probably it can be seen as a reference about his "Lost time" release on Powershovel Audio, one of the tracks is dedicated to Yuichiro (Fujimoto) who is the headmaster of the label and certainly an influence too down here with his precious solo albums.

Also we are very near the intimacy and warmth of Talons', just more quiet with the absence of vocals and prominent melodies. But yes, once that said, it's an other ultra emotive release by Mike and knowing that he explores in his very own minimal style similar territories to the ones developed by Yuichiro Fujimoto or Daisuke Miyatani, even if he doesn't include field recording, pleases me to the highest level, and such breathing after his splendid songwriting album "Song for Boats" and before another more consequent release is more than welcome, like reading a poetic descriptive short story with no particular aim, by your favorite writer, between two more consequent novels. 

"Kamakura EP" won't change nothing but will you let staring at least for a few hours, through the window, enjoying the few last warm sunny hours of a Sunday autumn afternoon, before returning to the rush of the week.

Thank you for this appeasement.    

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  1. Here is the video that accompanied 2 of these songs on the original release: