27 September 2011

Tenniscoats - toki no uta (2011, Majikick)

A minimalist record, which seems to have been recorded live, on the flow, the acoustic guitar of Takashi, the vocals of Saya and a few other instruments which could be toys.  

Simplicity and childlike features can turn songs into gems sometimes and there is a handful of such ones, springlike, bright, fresh and delicate lullabies : "Ento", "Amperara", "Oide no umi", "SvS", with two obvious highlights  "Temporacha"  and "Doun doun doun" - both echoing the previous Tenniscoats success which was "Baibaba Bimba. 

Besides, there is an second handful of these acoustic songs with apparent too typical melodic lines and the incapacity for me to relate to Japanese lyrics : "Ento 2", "Kazan", "Sabaku", "Kuki No Soko" . But the line is fine between the two types. 

It could fill the whole album, but we know it cannot be that simple and then an accident happens, breaks the routine. And we find the true sense of following this band : it's the longest track, 8 minutes, something like a lifetime, "Hikoki", lost after two thirds of the album. Slow, sad, even more minimal, monotonous, rapidly striking you down with its haunting and poignant sense of melancholy, it's just a sublime sadcore song. As a minor addendum "Sappolondon" follows. 

Without reaching the same heights, two other track also, are worth noticing, the quietness of "Mori wo Nukeru Mori no Umi ga" just leaves you watching morning frost on the green grass, and the urgent sadness of "Tamashi" invades you like pouring rain finds its way under your clothes.

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