04 September 2011

Pascal Savy - liminal (2011, Feedback Loop)

Last year I tried to listen to Pascal Savy's album "The Silent Watcher" on Audiomoves, but felt rapidly disconnected and didn't insist much more. I was uncertain about this new ep, the nice artwork invited me to try and this time I can find my marks as a listener and let the music flow.  

I'm not sure I totally enjoy this record, as it is not really emotional, but there is an obvious appeasing dimension. It's clinical, just like watching a blurry late autumn landscape behind curtains.  But where I am, is it an hospital, some dentist's waiting room, a light smell of ether floats in a room of blank walls, some magazines on the table but all attention is caught by the window. 

Four minimal ambient drone instrumentals but with a relatively large panel of variable textures, at times almost mimicking and suggesting field recordings, when in reality these are real ones just processed. It is really strange how he transforms such sounds, like those of piano and oboe into something almost synthetic, because the effect is of dilution.

I've listened a whole day to this EP while working on various documents and it helped me to concentrate on what I was doing, never distracting me. I don't think I'll listen again to this release but considering my lack of interest for his previous album, it's a big step forward and I'm curious to discover what will follow.

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