22 December 2011

Astatine - warm machine ep (2011, Orgasm)

Second solo EP for Stéphane Recrosio, one of the members of Acetate Zero. If he was exploring indie lo-fi landscapes on "Free Jazz Valentine EP", here he is exploring a more experimental side for a release limited to 36 copies.

With "Words in decay", we start in the Acetate Zero courtyard but transplanted in the New Zealand landscape as the Jefferies brothers influence could not be denied, a delicate lo-fi song at the acoustic guitar, intimate and desperate.

Then an untitled  post-My Bloody Valentine / Windy & Carl type of instrumental, full of distortion and reverberation, followed by the abstract and chaotic "jun jin hyun fugu time".

A second extremely short (46 seconds) song with vocals, "Master Plan" which could have been on a lost old Hood release follows before the longest track, the instrumental "Titarenko", which is noisy, full of layers of processes guitars recovering themselves for a quite dark and cold result. For fans & addicts only.


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