19 December 2011

Devil on the Beach - ep (2011)

This is the solo project by Neil Weir, from Minneapolis. You don’t have to be a devil to know he is a fan of all works by Robin Guthrie and has probably exhausted the shoegaze catalogue - with a My Bloody Valentine option on the sounds of some guitars.
For more recent reference, there is probably some love too for Epic45 or July Skies, and a knowledge of the Landing or Windy & Carl discography. Also there is a temptation for keeping things quiet and not only atmospheric which is not unlike The Album Leaf. 

As a result you have distorted, reverberated guitars, with some occasional beats. It’s instrumental and relatively monotonous, the whole EP looks like explorations and experiences, with the artist discovering himself through the process. The guitar is more burgeoning than leading the song.  A pleasant discovery and a promising debut.


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