22 December 2011

Minamo - documental (2011, Room40)

If I'm counting right, this is the eleventh release by this Japanese quatuor and if I haven't listened to their whole discography, I have a lot of respect and consideration for their music and "Documental" won't change my opinion.

The opening track "Draw the line" is simply superb and is the highlight of "Documental". Digital waves of sound mixed with intimate guitar playing and reverberated sparse piano sounds, for a contemplative and melancholic effect. Eleven minutes of relief.

Starting with bells sounds, "Bound Letters" is more diffuse, like dotted lines with disconnected elements which are partially joined by the addition of other elements and you are free as a listener to imagine the whole picture.
The structure of "Dusted Shelf" is much more precise, linear and definite and is for such reasons less convincing, offering less space for interpretation and meanderings of thought. With "Handbook" they adopt a light jazz influence with the use of saxophone, and it's a too demonstrative for me. 

Luckily the last track, "Paperweight" shows them returning to a suggesting approach and make you feel like floating. Recommended.

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