10 December 2011

Narrative - sleeping pavements ep (2011)

Second EP for Lewis Gorham, in the continuity of his first one, simply intensifying the quality of his first opus.

Even if this territory of ambient / atmospheric  style of music, mixing and processing field recordings layers of digital sounds with instruments, is well populated by other artists, Lewis Gorham's approach surprises by the warmth, a feeling of shoegazing intimacy and a lasting impression of deep personal melancholy.

At first, "Through the campus alone" seems elegiac and desperate but after a few spins, the feeling of loneliness appears to be strangely relieving and comforting. 

"The treble of blossoms" is the standout track of the ep, with it's drones layers recovering each others like oceanic waves dying consecutively on a large sandy beach, with spindrift turning progressively into tears. On "Dream reunion", he adopts a more classical format, à la Stars of the Lid.

This new EP confirms the good impressions of his first one. Highly recommended (and free).
sleeping pavements by narrative

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